The investment in functionality
and safety



OGS fire sectional door is both fire door and fully functional industrial door. Therefore, there is no need to separate the fire protection function of the opening and its daily closure by using two distinct doors. This solution saves space, reduces costs and ensures full safety. Another advantage is the possible use of an access door, which is the only solution of this type on the Polish market.


The OGS door consists of interconnected horizontal slats. The slats may be 400 to 700 mm high; the outer surface of the door is covered with galvanised sheet steel, glued to the entire door surface, making the door panel look sleek and smooth. The functionality of the door is increased by the required door lintel – only 750 to 850 mm.

The door is available in one of the three types of track systems:

  • Standard horizontal lift track – requires about 800 mm lintel;
  • High lift track – used if the lintel is higher;
  • Vertical lift track – used if the door should be opened vertically.

The door is equipped with an electric motor with a control unit; allowing operation of the door in a normal mode and at the same time guarantees the automatic closing of the door in case of fire alarm.

In the standard version the door is controlled by up-stop-down buttons on the control unit. At customer’s request, doors may be equipped with a finger trap protection placed on the lower edge of the door. This type of safety device may be used with remote door control, e.g. a remote control, opening radar, etc.

In the standard version, the outer surface of the door is secured with high-quality galvanised coating. At customer’s request, doors may be painted in one of the four standard RAL colours (7035, 9002, 9006, 9010), in any RAL colour or made of stainless (acid-resistant) steel;


SI motor with FSTronic DES-FI control

  • Industrial motor with long cycle life up to 100,000 cycles;
  • 1×230 V/20 A supply;
  • In case of an alarm, the door is closed by means of a battery;
  • Possibility of emergency manual opening of the door using a crank or chain;
  • The battery can be enlarged to enable electrical safety opening the door without an external power source.


The access door in the fire door of dimensions: 900 x 2000 mm with a 30 mm threshold, equipped with surface mounted door closer and handle-handle type lock (it is possible to use a door closer installed directly within the door panel, installation of the mortise rounded lock or mortise panic lock).

Glazing. At the door there is a possibility of glazing (windows). Their number depends on the width of the door.



  • Optical-acoustic signaling alarm mode;
  • Autonomous detection system (smoke detektor) – control device for closing doors in locations not equipped with EFS;
  • Light signals – red-green lamp used to signal the location and movement of the doors;
  • Infrared motion detector or radar. A device for opening the door optionally recognition function magnitude and direction of vehicles or;
  • Remote control – allows opening and closing of the doors;
  • Light grating – a device protecting objects or persons from being crushed (1500mm);
  • Bottom safety strip – pneumatic or optical strip retaining door after contact with an obstacle during its closing;
  • Additional buttons that control the door, for example keys switches remote control device.


OGS Data sheet