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Whereas the legal requirements relating to fire protection and provisions in the Warranty Cards of our products, we offer customers a complex service.

Within the service maintenance we check the condition and operation of all electrical and mechanical parts of fire doors. If necessary, we regulate and carry out a test for the functioning of the product both in normal operation and in alarm mode. When the service is finished, you will receive a document confirming the efficiency of the fire door.

We remind that the maintenance of our products should be carried out at least once a year * (according to legal requirements) either by qualified Somati System Poland technicians
or companies with Certificate of Assembly Authorization issued by Somati System Poland.


Legal requirements:

According to the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 07.06.2010r. on the fire protection of buildings, other buildings and areas (Dz. U. No. 109 poz.719 2010), Chapter 1, § 2 point. 9 fire door is a fire fighting device . According to the provisions of that Act § 3.2 states that fire fighting appliances shall be “subjected to technical inspections and operations maintenance, according to the rules and in the manner specified in the Polish Standards concerning fire-fighting equipment and fire extinguishers, in the technical manual and instruction manuals developed by manufacturers “. Paragraph 3.3 of the Act states that: “technical inspections should be carried out in the periods set by the manufacturer, not less frequently than once a year.”.

Warranty Card: “The condition for preserving the warranty is to perform technical inspections carried out at 6-month intervals by the manufacturer or companies with a Certificate of Assembly Authorization.”

We would like to offer the maintenance services under a Service Agreement guaranteeing customers full service according to the requirements, constant contact with our service technicians, short completion time, access to original spare parts and high quality of service and parts.

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